Privacy Icons Workshop at the Berlin Open Lab

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“Co-design workshop” by emilytulloh is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In our interdisciplinary research project “Privacy Icons” at the Einstein Center for Digital Future and the Berlin Open Lab of the University of the Arts we want to talk with you about technologies that determine our lives and what needs or concerns you have while using them.

The current round deals with the topics “Browsing the Web” and “Networked Mobility Solutions”, i.e. car sharing and the rental of electric scooters, bicycles and similar vehicles.
We want to talk to you about the effects of using these technologies.

Here are some guiding questions for us:

  • What data is collected?
  • What do you think is “private” about these data?
  • What can be done with these data?
  • To what extent is this relevant for you personally?

The aim is to name, categorise and evaluate these risks so that together we can understand how data protection risks can be made more transparent, i.e. how we can be informed more quickly and more comprehensibly about the risks and how data protection risks can best be presented in a comprehensible way.

For more information about the research project and to register for the workshops, please visit our website.

We look forward to seeing you!