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The Legal Design Roundtable


The Legal Design Roundtable is a 2-days forum for discussion.
Papers will be shared among the participants (speakers and attendants) before the event. All participants are expected to read and be prepared to discuss the contributions.

DAY 1 (Wednesday, April 1) will be dedicated to the presentation of the accepted contributions. The roundtable is meant to be highly dynamic and the discussion will be facilitated by one or more moderators per session. This event is going to be open to the public.
DAY 2 (Thursday, April 2) will be devoted to the discussion of the draft paper “Legal Design Methodology: A Blueprint” (see below, section “Outcome”). The participation to this event is reserved to the accepted contributors only.


The expected outcome of the Legal Design Roundtable is a collective paper on the methodological foundations of legal design that will summarise the results of the discussion. The paper will be published in an international peer-reviewed journal and available in open access.
A draft of the paper, prepared by the scientific committee, will be shared among the selected participants before the event. Such a draft will contain a first elaboration of the main inputs coming from the accepted contributions. Authors will be invited to comment and make suggestions to the draft on April 2, 2020.
Authors are free to re-publish their input methodological papers and legal design project outlines after the roundtable.

Bruxelles, Belgium
01. - 02. April 2020, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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