A Risk-Based Approach to Visualisation of Data Processing

Category: Legal Design

A Risk-Based Approach to Visualisation of Data Processing

EDPL vol. 5(3), 352-366 (2019)

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Although the institution of consent within the General Data Protection Regulation intends to facilitate the exercise of personal autonomy, reality paints a different picture. Due to a host of structural and psychological deficits, the process of giving consent is often neither informed nor does it foster self-determination.

One key element in addressing this shortcoming is the visualisation of relevant information through icons. This article outlines a risk-based methodology for the selection, design and implementation of such privacy icons. It lays the groundwork for identifying risky data processing aspects as a first step in a larger project of creating a privacy icons set to accompany privacy policies.

The ultimate goal of the privacy icons is to assist users in making better informed consent decisions through the visualisation of data processing aspects based on their inherent risks.